Scientific collaboration has long been the core of our philosophy at Lovelace Respirtory Research Institute. We believe that by forming partnerships and sharing resources with the brightest scientists across the globe, we’ll achieve our mission to serve humanity through research on the prevention, treatment and cure of respiratory disease.


Key partnerships: 

  • Joint Lung ResearchA unique partnership has been formed between the Division of Pulmonary Medicine of the Department of Medicine at Harvard’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston and LRRI in New Mexico. In this formal affiliation, the two organizations have developed a formal collaboration to advance our knowledge of the mechanisms of respiratory disease and develop new therapeutic approaches. Of particular value is the merger of clinical and basic science expertise between the two organizations that will support translational research. Joint Lung Research web site


  • The Alliance for Biosecurity is a consortium of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies that includes LRRI. LRRI has been a member of the animal models working group since 2005. The Alliance’s core mission is to partner with government, the biopharma industry, and other stakeholders to advance the shared goal of developing critically needed medical countermeasures (MCMs) for bioterror agents and emerging infectious diseases as quickly as possible. The Alliance for Biosecurity enhances funding for MCM development and advocates for other legal, regulatory and policy improvements to support the industry’s efforts in MCM development.

    LRRI plays a key role in promoting constructive public-private collaborations on animal models and other scientific issues central to MCM development. Biodefense is a complex area with numerous government agencies and stakeholders; and frequently opaque processes. The Alliance provides a facilitated opportunity for industry colleagues to appropriately share information, experiences, and best practices. In addition, the Alliance will help companies reduce costs of monitoring and advocacy efforts. Alliance for Biosecurity web site


  • Numira Biosciences Inc. Numira Biosciences and LRRI have formed a partnership to facilitate access to each other's services. Numira provides high-resolution, 3D imaging services and visualization software, and LRRI provides models for respiratory-related diseases. The partnership will enhance the understanding of pulmonary disease as well as facilitate determination of the efficacy of drug candidates at the early stages of development. Numira web site