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One out of every four individuals will eventually succumb to a respiratory disease. [more]

Corporate Affiliates Program

Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute(LRRI) is an independent, non-profit research organization committed to conducting basic and applied research aimed at reducing the world's substantial respiratory health burden.

LRRI has focused its entire organization on the prevention and cure of respiratory diseases through determining their causes and biological mechanisms, assessing health risks from airborne health threats, and developing improved detection and treatments for respiratory disease. No single organization or individual has sole responsibility for the problem of respiratory disease and its cure. Every organization and individual has a stake in the problem and resolution.

LRRI is looking for corporate sponsors to work jointly with the Institute to seek the causes and cures for respiratory disease. Together, we can make a difference.

For more information on becoming a corporate sponsor contact:

Pat Marx
Chief Operating Officer
(505) 348-9423


Benefits of Membership

  • Real-time access to research in progress and prepublication research results from nonproprietary LRRI research.

  • Annual Affiliates Briefing Day of tours, briefings, question-answer sessions, and personal discussions with researchers. Attendance restricted to Corporate Affiliates and other sponsors.

  • Open-door policy for inquiries and on-site tours and discussions with researchers.

  • Availability of LRRI researchers as speakers or consultants.

  • Automated topical alert service through LRRI information services.

  • First-refusal access to new technologies developed by LRRI which are not restricted by agreement with specific clients.

  • Placement of company scientists in our laboratories as Corporate Fellows for training and sabbatical residencies for up to one year each.

  • Intra-industry and cross-industry networking and jointly-funded research opportunities.

  • Annual report of research activities.

  • Public recognition of Corporate Affiliates sponsorship, including visibility at LRRI conferences and events.


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