Clinical Trials

LRRI has the ability to conduct clinical research through our clinical trials company, Lovelace Scientific Resources (LSR).
Lovelace Scientific Resources is a multi-disciplinary clinical trials company specializing in Phase I through Phase IV outpatient trials.  Designed to link the basic sciences to clinical research, LSR is a for-profit subsidiary of LRRI. 


Beginning in 1987 with the Albuquerque location, LSR has grown to four clinical research sites and has successfully completed more than 1500 clinical trials in diverse therapeutic categories.  Its network of clinical trial sites are either stand-alone research facilities affiliated with practicing MD-Investigators or incorporated directly into physician practices.

LSR's business model allows a seamless transition from physician to investigator for those physicians who desire to stay on the cutting edge of advancing medical treatment.   In addition, LSR's investigators stay connected to clinical research discipline through various industry events.

For more information, go to the company website: Lovelace Scientific Resources.